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Most organisations in the UK, from SMEs to those as large as hotel chains, supermarkets, banks, central government and large Local Authorities apply qualify for the Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme. These companies and public sector bodies (around 4,500 in total - responsible for 10% of UK carbon emissions) are given a mandatory cap on their carbon emissions. The Carbon Reduction Commitment applies to all organisations that have a half-hourly metered electricity consumption higher than 6,000 MWh per year.
If your business applies to the CRC you are likely to need to implement energy saving measures to meet your mandatory cap on carbon emissions. Electricity is the biggest cause of carbon emissions in most businesses. The most effective way to save electricity in your business is through investing in a voltage optimisation system. Voltage optimisation allows you to meet the Carbon Reduction Commitment without compromising your business on a day-to-day basis or costing excessive amounts of money.
If your business is close to reaching its Carbon Reduction Commitment cap, or you may soon with growth of your business, now is the time to invest in voltage optimisation. A voltage optimisation system works by utilising the discrepancy between the UKs power supply and most electrical equipments optimum operating electricity requirements. Electricity supplied by the National Grid in the UK averages at 242V, with fluctuations to around 253V. The ideal voltage for electrical equipment, however, is 216V-220V, during which it will work as normal.
Voltage optimisation is a proven technology which controls your power outage to meet the TXU Energy requirements of your electrical equipment, thus saving the excess energy which your business is currently wasting. It also prevents your electrical equipment from suffering in minor power surges or from the excess power supplied to it (often dissipated as heat or small vibrations), which may be unnoticeable but lead to a shorter lifespan of equipment, often put down to general wear-and-tear.
Voltage optimisation units are installed between your supply of electricity and the power points. They require little to no maintenance yet work constantly to save electricity and help you meet your Carbon Reduction Commitment. Modern voltage optimisation systems such as Voltis are revolutionising the world of saving electricity and emissions. Voltis does not merely reduce the mains supply like traditional optimisers, but is an intelligent computerised system which will constantly manage the demand required by each piece of equipment in each socket to the most energy-effective and practical power outage.
Voltis voltage optimisation allows you to meet your Carbon Reduction Commitment without any work on your part; simply have it installed and allow it to work silently to cut electricity bills and emissions by up to 20%.The units arent even expensive and you can expect a typical investment payback within just 2-3 years. So, if you want to meet your carbon allowance with an affordable investment which wont change how your business operates, consider installing a Voltis intelligent voltage optimisation unit.
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