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Honestly, you never really know for sure if a woman is going to take you back or not, but there are usually some clues that you can look at to see if you do have a good chance of being able to reconcile with an ex girlfriend. Before you do take a look at those clues, you want to really be sure that winning back your ex girlfriend is really what you want. You wouldn't want to waste a lot of time trying to patch things up with her and then realize that she is not really the one you want to be with, do you?
Anyways, here are some clues as to whether or not she will take you back:
1) She has noticed that you have changed.
Positive changes are a good thing and when you can make your ex girlfriend see that you definitely have made some positive changes in our life, that is usually a good thing. If you know that she has noticed this, and it seems like she is happy about the changes that you have made - then you probably do have a pretty good chance of being able to get your ex girlfriend to take you back.
2) She is talking positively about you to people she knows.
If you happen to know a lot of the same people that she does and black jack you have heard that she is talking positively about you with those people, that can be a good sign that she will take you back. It may not happen right away, but as long as she continues to talk positively about you - then it may happen in the future.
3) She is still single and open to the idea of hanging out with you.
While it may not be a date per se, as long as she is still single and willing to hang out with you, then you may be able to get her back. Of course, you do want to make sure that you are not in the friend zone with your ex girlfriend, because that can and does happen.
Are these signs guarantees that she will take you back? No. However, they are all good signs and they may be clues that you are on the right path to winning back the woman you love. You do have to remain patient, because sometimes these things take some time to work out.
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