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Relationships based on mutual love can be extremely satisfying or tremendously disappointing. Love is thought of as one of the strongest emotions. But can there be something more? Can a relationship transcend even love? Many people say it can if you find your soul mate. Your soul mate is the person who has a special connection to you, a unique bond shared with no other person in the world. So how does one go about finding their soul mate?
Who am I
The first think you can do to help in finding your soul mate is to take a revealing look at yourself. Who are you as a person? What are your goals and dreams? If you are able, take a long weekend away from the everyday grind. Get away from your home, work, cell phone and computer. Meditation can be a helpful tool, or just sitting on the grass by a quiet lake. Allow yourself to explore your thoughts and emotions like never before. Remind yourself that you are a person with much to share; compassion, kindness and love.
Who are They
Knowing yourself will enable you to seek the person who really connects with you; your soul mate. Since you never know where or when that first meeting will take place try and keep an open mind. As you meet people, involve yourself in communication more than activity. It can be fun to have dinner or see a movie together, but there can be more value in taking a walk and just talking. Look for opportunities that have few distractions so you can focus your energy on what really matters. Be willing to share what you discovered about yourself, and immerse yourself into the other person's life as well.
Who are we
As you meet people be sure to look deeply into their eyes, the window to the soul. While getting to know each other common interest can be important, but a real connection exceeds leisure activity. How well do you know each other? If you get the feeling of knowing what your partner is thinking, ask them! Your soul mate will connect with you on all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual. After some time together perform a reality check. Spend a few days apart and evaluate the relationship.
Go Deep
At some point in the quest to find your soul mate, you will meet someone who you feel might "be the one". When you do, it is time to go deeper. Find a secluded location that is meaningful to you both such as the beach or a forest. Sit facing each other and allow your hands to touch. No distraction and no conversation, just silence for as long as you can. Look at each other's eyes and try to feel them with your soul. By now your relationship may likely be intimate, and if so try lying together nude, skin touching skin. Don't do anything except lay there face to face.
Go Long
While some people meet their soul mate by chance, you have a higher likelihood if you put some effort into the process. This includes patience. Although it can happen overnight such as love at first sight, those relationships are almost always physical, with little or no emotional connection. Take the time to learn about each other and make connections on many levels. You may need to spend quite some time together, letsjerk but compared to a lifetime it is little to ask.
Finding your soul mate can be the most rewarding process of your life, and when you do, you will know it. There will be no doubt or reluctance in your mind or your heart, and absolutely none in your soul.
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