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airport taxi transportation from cancun to tulumPunta Laguna

If you are planning to Tulum, remember to bring some walking shoes to see Punta Laguna, located at significantly less than a thirty minutes drive from town. The forests fans will enjoy the 5000 hectare nature that is wide which Punta Laguna is element of. Punta Laguna is an place that is eco-touristic you will see the type and wildlife. Through your excursion, you shall get to watch spider monkeys in the open, in addition to spectacular views regarding the jungle flora. Regarding the jungle trails, you may see many more animals that are wild. An excursion to Punta Laguna, is a truly inspiring experience.

Tulum has also amazing coastal landscapes, therefore the ocean here provides a great diving or snorkeling excursions aided by the 2nd biggest barrier reef in the world, and untouched coral, great coral formations as well as an amazing sea life with pleasant shocks. The landscapes in and nearby Tulum are very diverse and very breathtaking. In Tulum, you will discover a little bit of every thing, and something doing for anyone. And this 12 months, benefit from the Caribbean sea and see Tulum.To know about Airport Cancun to Tulum Shuttle and Tulum transportation, kindly visit the site Airport Cancun to Tulum Shuttle.

Riviera Maya climate in January and December is coolest when average highs hover around 83 levels.

Typical low conditions, which occur primarily during the night, add the high 60s within the wintertime towards the low to mid 70s through the summer.

Seawater conditions often fall between the typical highs and the typical lows for air temperatures.

Which means the water is going to be comfortable for swimming most months of this except for mornings during the winter year.

Talking from experience, trade winds brings the wind chill element down and could make wintertime swimming uncomfortable on some times through the winter.

Rain is a factor that is big the Riviera Maya area especially through the peak months for the Caribbean hurricane period.

Total rain may reach as high as 10 inches a month in September and October and five inches or even more in August and November.

The final number of times it rains reaches 15 in September and October and 13 in August.

The months with the lowest quantities of rain are January through April with significantly less than three ins apiece.

Best and Worst Occasions to Go
The greatest months to attend Riviera Maya are March and April for the mix of warm temperatures and rainfall that is low.
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