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Having a pre-paid credit card with a low credit rating will eventually help you improve your rating.
A pre-paid credit card is very similar to a real credit card. One of the major benefits to a pre-paid card is it doesn't allow you to use overdraft. It is a very helpful feature for someone with a low credit score and trying to improve it.
Overdraft only hurts your finances by making you go more into debt. With the pre-paid visa card, you can only use the money that is on the card, that's it. It helps people learn to control their spending. They know exactly how much money is there to spend and they know they can't go over that limit
It will be very beneficial for someone with a low credit rating to get a pre-paid visa card. They will learn how to spend correctly and make wise decisions with a money limit they know they cannot exceed. You cannot go into overdraft and end up with more debt because with a pre-paid credit card that is not allowed.
While using this card, you will also be working on improving your credit rating. It will help you in the future.
Just like a regular master/visa card, a pre-paid card can be used all over the world. If you are travelling you can use the card at an ATM, for hotels, etc. You can also use to the card if you want to buy something online.
Be sure that you do your homework and check what each company has to offer. Some have higher fees than others, some charge you extra for using ATM as compared to shopping with the card.
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