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The Norfolk Broads wouldn't be complete without the sight of traditional yachts with their sails billowing in the breeze - the perfect place to enjoy some of the best inland sailing anywhere in the world. Broads yachts are built to harmonise with their surroundings and offer a choice of both traditional gaff rig sails to catch every breath of wind or modern bermudan rig for ease of handling. Most traditional yachts feature cosy traditional interiors evoking a sense of yester year and a slower pace of life.
Sailing Yacht Rigs:
Perfect for a family of four with a little previous sailing experience is the yacht 'Coriander' with 3 single beds and 1 double. This 30ft yacht has a modern Bermudan rig with a 10hp Yanmar Diesel in the fore peak. The bermudan rig is most familiar to those with dinghy or coastal sea sailing experience and often includes a furling jib as well as the standard triangular mainsail. By comparison, the gaff rig, featured on the yacht 'Windjammer', is a more traditional Broads sail arrangement and is perfect to catch every last breath of wind. 'Windjammer' is a fast and elegant yacht built using traditional styling and she is equipped to a high standard. She sleeps 4 comfortably in a double and two singles.
Norfolk Broads sailing holidays are ideal for those with a little previous experience of sailing. If however, you are looking to sail sailboats for sale the first time on the Broads, Upton Marina can provide some introductory instruction, which can be booked in advance at a charge of A�15.00 per hour. This will include sailing on the river to demonstrate basic sailing manouevres in confined waters plus exciting sailing on the open waters of the larger Broads. The duration of this instruction can be extended if further tuition is necessary, this will be charged at an hourly rate.
For the more experienced sailor, why not try your hand at a Sailing Yacht Regatta? A long established and popular event, the Barton Charter Yacht Regatta takes place during Autumn each year and is open to participants who have previous sailing experience. Over 30 yachts compete in a series of races and enjoy social events, all culminating in an evening of good food and prize giving.
Sailing yachts are the essence of the Norfolk Broads and have been present on the waters for over 50 years, hiring a sailing yacht is a perfect way to familarise yourself with the waters and forget the stresses of everyday life.
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